Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kate...Carlos...Ralphie...Who Are You?

Let's just say that Kate's imagination is alive and well!  We have been living with alternate personas for at least two months now.  The latest craze has been characters from the series The Magic School Bus.  Berndt and I both remember meeting the author/illustrator when he came to our elementary school a LONG time ago.

These books are long and Kate cannot get enough of them.  I have had to limit them to two each week and we read them endlessly.

The Rockies hat is the key to figuring out who she is:

Frontwards = Mikey ; Backwards = Ralphie ; No Hat = Carlos

We also get to hear elaborate stories throughout the day about what happens to them.  They seem to like to go swimming a lot and often fall in deep pits (like Joseph).  Sometimes they go on bike rides with us or ride in our car.

She has to be Kate at the table for meals though - We all need a little break every once in awhile!