Sunday, March 29, 2009

Roll Over, Roll Over

Kate enjoys holding her sisters and "helping" them learn to roll over. I wasn't here for the first episode of Kate's training exercises.

Step 1: Stretch out the legs
Step 2: Grab the front of your sister's shirt
Step 3: Pull and Flip
Neither Abigail or Eveline seem to mind and don't cry at all when she does it. This is always supervised very closely by daddy and I have been keeping an extra close eye on her to make sure she doesn't try to help them stand up or anything.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Look Both Ways

We have noticed that Abigail doesn't like to look right very well or very often. We have been working with her to make her follow a toy all the way across from left to right. It will definitely be a point of discussion with Dr. Julie in a few weeks at our next appointment.

We are praying that this isn't anything serious and that by helping her exercise her neck muscles it will improve on its own.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thank You!

Abigail and Eveline wanted to let their uncles and aunts know the following:

Uncle Bernie & Aunt Leona - We appreciate our new wheels! We hope that we can see you guys again soon and would love for you to take us for a jog.
Zio Brian and Zia Rita - We love looking at ourselves in the mirror and batting wildly at the crazy animals on our play mat. (Eveline is the vain one who can't get enough of looking at herself!) We spend time on this almost everyday. When we come to MI next we can't wait to see you! PS - We are saving the rest of our gift card for candy - Lots and Lots of Candy, but don't tell Mom.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Chilly Dinner

Tonight we decided to have dinner outside since the weather had been so nice during the day. We forgot to take into account that once the sun went down it would be mighty chilly - Oops! I guess we are anxious to put our patio to use this summer. Kate is excited for the warm weather so she can plant things in her garden!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pizza and Stickers Anyone?

Kate's current all-time favorite meal is supreme pizza and you can see why. The messier the better! She can out eat me in the pizza department - She can easily eat two slices for dinner.

Also, this girl loves stickers. These were free in the mail and promptly were put all over her shirt and arms. She received a sticker book for her birthday that we work on together during the twins' morning nap. It helps her practice her matching and her colors as well as her creativity!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The weather was beautiful today so we went to watch Madison play tennis for Chatfield HS - Go Madison! Kate had fun watching the ball go back and forth. Being quiet is not her favorite thing to do so she went with Jia to the park for awhile where she played in a sandbox - Found that out the hard way when I took her shoes off!

Kate got to take home a tennis ball as a souvenir and is dying to hit it with a racket (ie: her big plastic bat)

When we are praying at dinner or before naptime/bedtime she often thanks Jesus for Jia - too cute!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

How We Feel Everyday

I think this picture sums up perfectly how we all feel at the end of each day - Really tired but happy and content being a part of our little family! (Eveline w/dad)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Test Run

Kate and her friend Samuel had to test out our new Double BOB this week in order to make sure it was suitable for use by the little ones. Eventually, I think I will be able to have one baby in a Bjorn and one riding with Kate in the Double BOB.

These two were so funny giggling and chattering while we (Carrie and I) took them for a ride. I guess it received their stamp of approval. It will make taking everyone for a walk by myself doable. It is been getting nice out once or twice a week now and everyone needs the fresh air! Spring is coming!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Just the Facts Ma'am

Abigail (right) and Eveline (left) had their 8 week check-up today and were rewarded for their excellent progress with 5 shots each. Yep, you read that right! Granted one was given orally - which Abigail promptly spit out most of - but those poor little legs were covered in bandaids. They both gave horrible little squeals when poked, but settled down pretty quickly. There hasn't been any signs of fever which is great!

Here are the facts:

Abigail - 10lbs. 9oz. (50%) 22 in (45%)

Eveline - 10lbs. 2oz. (40%) 22.5 in (55%)

We were surprised they weighed so much - I was expecting 9lbs. or so. I just love their rolls in the picture!

Abigail's weight might be slightly less since she had a majorly dirty diaper that exploded everywhere just after getting weighed. We basically had to use her blanket that she was wrapped up in at the time to clean her off it was so bad. What fun!

The Dr. was really pleased with the amount of weight they have gained so we have moved their schedule to feeding every 4 hours during the day and hopefully they will start sleeping for longer stretches at night (5-6 hours) without waking to eat. Yay for Mom and Dad and more sleep!


We were so thrilled to get a call from Uncle Bernie and Aunt Leona this morning saying that their flights back to Seattle had been changed. They were being rerouted through Denver and had a 3 hour layover this afternoon. Would we like to meet them at the airport for a quick visit? Of Course!

It was so good to see them one more time before they leave for Iraq next week. Kate had a fantastic time having lunch together as well as riding the escalator with Aunt Leona and playing peek-a-boo. They also got to meet Abigail (right) and Eveline (left) and give them a few snuggles.

We love you both!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Zoo - Boo Hoo!

The temperature was in the upper 70's today so we packed everyone up and went to the zoo. We remembered our camera, but unfortunately neither of us checked the battery. It was completely dead so we will have to wait until next time for pictures.

Kate and Steve rode the carousel (of course) and Kate also rode the train for the first time. The carousel is still the favorite by far.

We saw the elephants on the way out and one of them was using their tail to move a big green ball that was hanging behind it on a rope. The elephant was using the ball to hit its side and knock some of the dust off. It would then kick the ball back with its leg to get it to swing again. Very interesting to watch and would probably make a lot more sense with a picture!