Friday, March 6, 2009

Just the Facts Ma'am

Abigail (right) and Eveline (left) had their 8 week check-up today and were rewarded for their excellent progress with 5 shots each. Yep, you read that right! Granted one was given orally - which Abigail promptly spit out most of - but those poor little legs were covered in bandaids. They both gave horrible little squeals when poked, but settled down pretty quickly. There hasn't been any signs of fever which is great!

Here are the facts:

Abigail - 10lbs. 9oz. (50%) 22 in (45%)

Eveline - 10lbs. 2oz. (40%) 22.5 in (55%)

We were surprised they weighed so much - I was expecting 9lbs. or so. I just love their rolls in the picture!

Abigail's weight might be slightly less since she had a majorly dirty diaper that exploded everywhere just after getting weighed. We basically had to use her blanket that she was wrapped up in at the time to clean her off it was so bad. What fun!

The Dr. was really pleased with the amount of weight they have gained so we have moved their schedule to feeding every 4 hours during the day and hopefully they will start sleeping for longer stretches at night (5-6 hours) without waking to eat. Yay for Mom and Dad and more sleep!

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