Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Burleys, Biking & Bruises

We bought Burleys about two months ago in order for us to get out together as a family (and for Mom and Dad to get some exercise!)  It might be the best purchase we have made in a long time.

Although Abigail and Eveline cried for 40 minutes of a 45 minute ride the first time, they have since come around and are now happy to go.  Wearing their helmets are a different story.  They still have yet to wear them for the entire ride.  They are fine wearing them around the house - just not in the Burley where they might actually need them. Last week, Abigail got hers off right away and they worked together to get Eveline's off.  We tightened them down tonight, but to no avail.

Kate has always been a fan.  Her special job is to be the Helmet Police - make sure everyone has their helmet and then collect them all when we are done.

It has been fun to explore all the great trails.  We have found a way to go all the way to the Platte River Trail which will take us all the way to downtown Denver.  Steve and I are planning to do that bike ride on a date when we are not each pulling an extra 35 lbs.

The first couple of weeks I was in awful biking shape, but I am actually enjoying it and the rides are getting easier.  Kate is my biggest cheerleader.  Tonight going up a steeper hill her little voice saying "Go Mommy GO!" was all I needed to hear.  Maybe she thought I needed the extra help since earlier in the ride we had stopped to help the twins with their helmets and I managed to get my foot stuck in my toe clip which resulted in me tipping right over on my bike while Kate watched from the trailer.  I think I managed to do this as gracefully as possible.  Kate couldn't stop talking about it the rest of the ride.  Note:  The Burley didn't even move during this incident.  Nothing was hurt - Not even my pride since I am sure it must have looked hilarious!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hey Sister - Where Have You Been?

(4 Months)

It's official - We are back in blogging world!  No excuses or apologies for our absence.  We are just excited about sharing what is going on and pics of our family.  Notice that the girls are not so little anymore...Sniff!

(9 Months)
Today's Highlight: Dry Diaper for Abigail!

Abigail and Eveline have been using the potty once or twice each day for a few weeks.  They let us know they have to go by tugging at the back of their pants or shirts and grunting.  Took us a bit to catch on, but now that we know what they want - Watch Out!  Wild clapping follows each success and everyone participates (in the clapping).
(10 Months)

It is interesting when one is the bathroom with me and we have to lock the door because the other one is trying to bust in.  (Yes, they can open doors now.)  We tried having them in the bathroom together, but there is way too much mischief going on.  Think climbing on the stool, putting hands in the potty, helping their sister with getting toilet paper off the roll, etc.

(Christmas 2009)

Today at 1 yr 3 months 2 weeks and 6 days, Abigail went the whole day in the same diaper because she kept it clean and dry by using the potty!  I will not be fully convinced that this is the real deal until it happens for a week or so.  Cross your fingers for us!

(15 Months)