Monday, April 26, 2010

Hey Sister - Where Have You Been?

(4 Months)

It's official - We are back in blogging world!  No excuses or apologies for our absence.  We are just excited about sharing what is going on and pics of our family.  Notice that the girls are not so little anymore...Sniff!

(9 Months)
Today's Highlight: Dry Diaper for Abigail!

Abigail and Eveline have been using the potty once or twice each day for a few weeks.  They let us know they have to go by tugging at the back of their pants or shirts and grunting.  Took us a bit to catch on, but now that we know what they want - Watch Out!  Wild clapping follows each success and everyone participates (in the clapping).
(10 Months)

It is interesting when one is the bathroom with me and we have to lock the door because the other one is trying to bust in.  (Yes, they can open doors now.)  We tried having them in the bathroom together, but there is way too much mischief going on.  Think climbing on the stool, putting hands in the potty, helping their sister with getting toilet paper off the roll, etc.

(Christmas 2009)

Today at 1 yr 3 months 2 weeks and 6 days, Abigail went the whole day in the same diaper because she kept it clean and dry by using the potty!  I will not be fully convinced that this is the real deal until it happens for a week or so.  Cross your fingers for us!

(15 Months)

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