Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Surprise - You Get A ....

New Roof!

So the roofers showed up today at 11:30 - unexpectedly - to start replacing our entire roof which was damaged in the hail storm. Steve was not home and I had just started to feed the twins when the doorbell rang. We weren't expecting them for at least 2 more weeks, but they were able to squeeze us in over the next two days.

This project is not quiet by any means and tomorrow promises to be even louder when they begin using the nail guns. Miraculously, the twins were able to take their afternoon naps despite the sporadic hammering, sawing, and loud thunks right over their bedrooms!

Kate was fascinated with the conveyor belt system they used to get the packs of shingles up to the roof. She also enjoyed watching from the front window as it rained shingles and trying to spot the workers through the sunlight.

I think tomorrow we are going to try to take everyone out of the house for most of the day!

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