Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Week!

Since Steve and I have birthdays that are only four days apart we basically celebrate for a week straight by taking advantage of all the birthday freebies!

We went to White Fence Farm for a delicious fried chicken dinner, Red Robin for hamburgers, Outback for steak and Baskin Robbins for ice cream cones - All on different nights of course!
Kate likes going to White Fence Farm because they have a small animal farm, tractors, and a play area just for kids her size. It was a beautiful night so we took the opportunity to get some family photos.

The twins sat in high chairs at Red Robin for the first time and loved being able to look around at all the balloons and TVs! We went really early and only took up three tables with all our gear and children.

Kate spontaneously sang Happy Birthday to each of us which made our birthdays very special indeed!

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