Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Crazy Month . . . Crazy Life

This month has been absolute craziness for our family:

-The twins have had two colds in three weeks. (Think green oozy snot running down their faces.) Thank goodness the rest of us had smaller versions of the sniffles although Kate did have a lovely hacking cough for a few days.

-I got mastitis from breastfeeding which feels like you have the flu really bad (fever/aches/etc) during one of the twins' colds. Just what you want when babies want to be cuddled and you don't want anyone touching you.

-We figured out the hard way (via vomiting) that Abigail does not tolerate formula well at all. Since we used the freezer stash up every once in awhile we are having to supplement. Eveline is being a real trooper and taking one for the team by drinking the formula/breastmilk mix as necessary and letting her sister have straight liquid gold.

-We were saddened that Steve's grandma passed away, but were very thankful that he was able to go back to MI to be with his family and attend the funeral. It was amazing how God worked it out for us to use our frequent flyer miles to fly him to MI for a few days and my mom to CO for a week! I did have all three by myself for an entire day (8am until midnight) and I was much calmer than I expected even when Kate had three potty accidents. Of course each accident occurred while I was tied up feeding the twins their solid food!

-Kate has learned how to use the potty - sort of! She excellent at No. 1 and very determined NOT to have anything to do with putting No. 2 in the potty. She has now also developed a phobia of using any potty but our own and will hold it as long as necessary.

-The twins are pushing themselves backwards in order to get places. Crawling is probably just around the corner! I had better come up with a plan to keep them semi-contained or we could be in real trouble once everyone gets moving.

-Our roof was totaled in a recent hail storm so Steve has the added task of getting that fixed along with several other repairs. We are thankful for insurance and a new roof, but it is just one more thing to get done!

We are hoping that September won't have as many challenges, but I think we both have realized that we keep waiting for things to return to "normal". Reality check - this is the new "normal" and it probably will be for quite awhile. Did I mention how much money I would pay to be able to sleep for one whole day?

I hope this picture makes you smile like it makes us smile! Kate loves to help me vacuum & now apparently all she needs is a housecoat, curlers in her hair, and 89 cats. We love our family - It makes all the craziness worth it.

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Michelle said...

The pictures are so cute. What a bunch of lovely ladies Steve has surrounding him! We have some friends who have twins (now 8 years old). They say they don't remember a thing from the first year of the twins' lives, but when they look at pictures from that time, they seem happy! Happy birthday to you both!