Thursday, June 18, 2009

Father's Day Treat

Kate took Grampy and Steve to her first ever MLB Game for Father's Day and boy did she have fun! The highlights included meeting Dinger (the mascot) who signed her glove, downing a hot dog bun (that's right - no hot dog), buying her Rockies hat, and watching the fountains shoot every time a home run was hit.

Thanks to Grampy she was ready to catch a fly ball in case it came her way!

Put me in coach - I'm ready to play!

It was quite hot, but they were able to move down to different seats that were in the shade. Otherwise, they may not have lasted long. We now hear regular renditions of "Take Me Out To The Ball Game".

She also has bases that we have set up in the back yard which she runs around after "hitting" the ball Steve pitches. A slide is always necessary at home plate!

I think that they tired her out. Hopefully they had as much fun as she did!

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