Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Little Ballerina

Kate's chosen reward for potty-training was ballet classes at the local rec center (much to Steve's chagrin).  She just completed her second (and final) session this week.

Her first day she wore pigtails which I found out afterward were a hindrance to her participation in class.  She flat out refused to do some of the things Miss Julia asked her to do - lay down on her back and do leg lifts, wear a princess crown, etc.

Afterward we had the following conversation:

Me:  "Why didn't you want to do some of the things Miss Julia had the class do?"

Kate:  "Because I was wearing pigtails."  (Duh, Mom?)

Me:  "Would you be able to do them if you wore a ponytail?"

Kate:  "Yep!"
Practicing a Curtsy

Who Knew??  The class has been so good for her to learn to listen to instructions, take turns (also a struggle on the first day), dance around like a mouse, and have fun with other little girls her age.

Steve took her on the last day and had to admit it was amusing to watch although I am pretty sure her dancing days are over.  Kate always chose a sucker as her treat at the end of class - that made Miss Julia top notch in Kate's book.

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