Friday, October 10, 2008

Go Daddy Go!

Kate had a terrific time going to Steve's softball game on Friday night. She cheered from the stands while some of the other wives watched her for us. It was pretty chilly (in the 50's) so she was well bundled, but despite the cold she was really wound up when she got home. When I asked her what she got to do she told me in her words "Yellow" (apparently there was a yellow softball), "Doggy Kiss" (Thanks Rascal!), "Hit", and "Catch" (she has the main gist of the game down including her game face!)

I am sure that she will be thrilled to be the official bat girl in a few years!

Baby Update:
I survived the 3 hr glucose test today (barely) and hope to have the results back next week. I am already planning for the worst - that I will have gestational diabetes again - so I am enjoying eating an unrestricted diet for the next few days.

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