Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We're Getting Bigger ....

Appointment Update (26 Weeks):

Finally we were able to get some profile shots at our appointment today with the perinatologist. They definitely look identical to us and even have a similar profile to Kate's ultrasound pictures. Yes, everyone (myself, Abigail & Eveline) are all getting bigger.

I have gained 33 lbs. so far, Baby A now weighs 2 lbs. and Baby B weighs 1lb. 13 oz. There is not a significant concern unless the measurement and weight differences exceed 20% - Right now we are at approximately 9%. It will be something they will keep monitoring going forward.

We are so thankful that everyone is doing well & can't wait to see them again in two weeks.

I also miraculously passed the Glucose Test so no Gestational Diabetes this time around - Praise the Lord!

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